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Faith Tabernacle Church

Pastor Debbie Reynolds, is a native Houstonian, a prolific teacher, anointed preacher, and a powerful orator.  God has not only given her a tremendous gift of song and intercession, but she moves in a prophetic anointing. She is the Co-founder of Faith Tabernacle Church of Houston, Texas, where she served with her husband Pastor the Late Eric L. Reynolds Senior Pastor. She is a devoted and Spirit Filled Pastor with over twenty-two years of ministry experience. The call of God on her life is to assist the Pastor in whatever capacity is needed.  

Her personal philosophy of ministry is that ministry is not just a work, but it is a life, and it requires a lifetime commitment.  She is dedicated to the spiritual growth, equipping and nourishing of the people of God. She believes that God has strategically positioned the minister in the body of Christ for this very purpose as stated in Ephesians 4:12 (KJV) For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

Her vision is to bring restoration and empowerment to women in all walks of life. This in turn has led her to establish the FTC Women's Fellowship group. This ministry focuses on the whole woman. It is here where Pastor Debbie Reynolds educates, encourages and equips women of all ages to pursue higher education, maintain a healthy lifestyle and most importantly to grow in Christ. It is here where she mentors and inspires the women to allow their testimonies to be a tool that ministers to others using their God given gifts and abilities to fulfill the call of God on their life. 

Although she has a burden for women, her labor of love is for all people and it is always demonstrated in her outreach efforts. She has fed Houston's homeless, housed Hurricane Katrina evacuees, spent months in deplorable conditions to assist with the Hurricane Charlie victims in Florida and partnered with many ministries that believe in making a difference whether it is at the local or internationally level. She continues to live a selfless life; her commitments to humanitarian efforts have affected and are still affecting lives all over the world. She is truly a leader that knows how to serve.

Pastor Debbie Reynolds attended Prairie View A&M University and she later attended the College of Biblical studies where she received a Certificate in teaching.  In addition, she completed her Bachelor of Art in Biblical Studies at the Institute for Teaching God Word in Rockdale, Texas. She is an advisory board person of Power Living Mission a non-profit initiative that rehabilitates men that wrestle with drug and alcohol addiction.    

She is the proud mother of four children: Shaun Hall, Erica, Eric Jr., and Julia Reynolds.  She also has six beautiful grandchildren that know her as "G-Mama". She is a woman full of grace, wisdom and inspiration. She is a doer of the word of God and believes that for with God nothing shall be impossible.


    Faith Tabernacle Church
    45 Neyland | Houston, TX 77022 | PH: 281-717-0667