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Faith Tabernacle Church

It's that time of year once again! We're eagerly gearing up for our annual Spring Break College Tour! Thanks to this initiative and your support, we currently have three students enrolled at universities we've visited over the years. This year, our goal is to raise funds for 4 high school students to embark on a one-week college tour during spring break. Our aim is to keep our students focused and enthusiastic about pursuing higher education.

During this year's tour, we'll explore a variety of schools—large and small, public, and private, Christian, nearby, and distant. Our hope is that visiting these diverse campuses will ignite a passion for higher learning that our students may not have known existed. We remain steadfast in our belief that exposure to these esteemed institutions will broaden their perspectives, expand their aspirations, and introduce them to new experiences. This tour promises to inspire our college-bound students by introducing them to some of the most academically rigorous universities rich in pride and tradition. Moreover, it will underscore the vital role they play in shaping their educational journey.

We are committed to guiding our youth towards the path of excellence, believing it's both our duty and privilege. We recognize the collective effort required to nurture young minds, acknowledging the proverbial village it takes to raise a child. Witnessing the positive outcomes from our efforts fills us with gratitude.

Yet, we acknowledge there's still significant work ahead. Therefore, we kindly request your financial support to help cover our expenses. We still firmly believe that only what you do for Christ will last, and we stand as a testament to the principle of reaping what you sow. We anticipate fruitful returns on every investment made. Your generous contribution is deeply appreciated in advance. Thank you for your support!

We will be touring the following institutions:

• University of Colorado

• Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design

• Kansas State University

• The University of Kansas

• Oral Roberts University

• Langston University

• Oklahoma State University

• Texas Christian University

Your generous contribution will help with the following expenses:

*Van rental $1121.00

*Gas Estimate $700


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